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by Francolini on 18 May 2021

This is the final project of the first course. Me and my partner DanteVinci took us two weeks to develop it.

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Hello there! Me and my friend @DanteVinci have made this game in two weeks as final project, we are proud of it. Mostly, I have programmed it and my partner did the assets, unless the Skybox that is from the Asset store. We have to thank to @tmr.reverb (instagram), who did an amazing job with the SFX and the music. I hope you like it!


All you have to do is to survive, kill enemies and earn points. When you die you will be able to see your score in the endpage.

Shield shader:

I had to create two shaders, the normal shield and the mask shield (the red one).


Player movement.

PowerUps. There are 4 PU. Shotgun, machinegun, health and shield.





Enemies. There are two of them, the "Longshot "(distance) and the "Bombpiko" (hand-to-hand).


They shoot you, but if they can't see you they will look for you.

Longshot can grab both weapons.

Bombpiko. When they spawn they will follow you, if it touches you, explodes.

General gameplay. Longshot gives you 50 points, bombpikoes 25.

Whoever who wants to play, this game is downloable in Itch.io.

You can download it HERE.

Thanks for all :)  

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