The Unkwown Treasure Gameplay

The Unkwown Treasure Gameplay

Carla Martorell Crespo
by CarlaMartorell on 18 May 2021

The Unkwown Treasure is a pirate adventure game that my partner and I developed in two weeks for our 3D school project. We hope you like it.

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Engine: Unity

Game objective:

-Basically, the game’s objective is to find the chest key (you will find out interacting with sings, that you must get the key by killing the final boss) once the key is in your hands, you must open the chest and find the treasure map to finish the game.


-Walk and jump through the island.

-Interact with the sings, the chest, and other objects.

-Attack the crabs with your saber, you have two types of sword attack.

-Once you have arrived to the high part of the island and passed the big Crab King, you can unlock the key.

-If your lives number gets to zero, you’ll destroy yourself and you’ll die.

-If you get close to the Final Boss, his live status will also appear on the interface.

-The crabs enemies and the final boss were created using AI and different states.

-We implemented these mechanics on our game by using Unity functions like the ray-cast and line-cast one, using colliders and triggers and a correct use of animations management.

Game Controls:

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