Mollymauk Tealeaf

Mollymauk Tealeaf

Tristan McGuire
by tristanmcguire on 16 May 2021

Personal project - Realtime fanart of Mollymauk from Critical Role.

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For this project I was working on improving my skills in creating realistic game art in the context of a fantasy subject matter. 

When creating this character, I used mainly the official artwork by Ariana Orner as my reference, but also referred to the official figurine and combined with some elements inspired by imagination. I wanted to produce a model that was true to what I imagined while watching the show whilst also still being quite true to Taliesin's original vision.

Marvelous Designer: Base cloth simulation.
Zbrush: Cloth detailing and skin sculpting.
Maya: Retopology, UVs, hair cards, rigging, posing.
Unreal Engine 4: Presentation.

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