RPG Reptiles - Chameleon Mage

RPG Reptiles - Chameleon Mage

Tristan McGuire
by tristanmcguire on 16 May 2021

Personal project - hand painted textures with an unlit shader.

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This mini project was done specifically to improve on my hand painted texturing skills. I also made a tutorial for beginners on how to get started with painting textures that was published by Stylized Station. This tutorial was aimed at those with little or no experience in traditional or digital painting who may find intermediate texturing tutorials too confusing as these often exclude the absolute basics of painting that beginners need. I was inspired to do this as I personally have a background in traditional and digital 2D art, but I noticed that a lot of my peers at university did not have this experience in the art fundamentals.

Zbrush: Sculpting.
Maya: Retopology, UVs, presentation.

Based on the concept art of Alex Braun from their RPG Reptiles series.

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