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Interior Design/ Office Design / G.E.CapitaOffice

Interior Design/ Office Design / G.E.CapitaOffice

by eniingggchai on 12 May 2021

It is my assignment project in my journey of study, to design a office space for a company, and client that I choose is CapitaLand, who is one of Asia's largest diversified real estate groups. Besides that, it is one-stop serviced office, provide and rent the workspace to visitor employees.

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Interior Design / Office Design / 


It is an one-stop serviced office, to provide the office spaces to visitor employees like freelancers, small teams, and entrepreneurs.

This office design show the concept that linked with the keywords of "People-oriented" "Twists & Turns" and "Life", and angular shape is one of the elements  to display the concept. Besides that, the concept title [G.E.CapitaOffice] is inspired by the story of 'Garden of Eden', because it is the story fully to express the people and their life.

In addition, you can see one of the significant features is color, the color to explain the concept is red, blue and green.

There are different  office rooms for the visitor employees who have different needs, for example private office is suitable for visitor employee who need private work space, and team suite room is for the small team of visitor employee.

The office space combined with gallery, is a communication platform to let people show and share their work a d projects to others, contribute to the development of future trends in various industries.

Hopefully the users of the office space can enjoy their work in the nice environment and good feelings, make their working moments more comfortable and enjoyable.

-Thank You-

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