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Invader of Yith: Creature Concept Art

Invader of Yith: Creature Concept Art

Manuel Kubisch
by Sizzlorr217 on 10 May 2021

Personal Project from a few months ago. This is one of my first 3D projects - a creature concept of an Alien Race. Sculpted the body and suit of armor in Zbrush, textured and rendered in Blender.

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Invader of Yith Backstory:

Yith is home to an alien race that found a way to draw power from 'communicating' with deitys, residing far outside in the vast cosmos.

The 'Gluttons', so the native populace calls them, are the ones who meditate in isolation to strike ungodly deals with these creatures. Gluttons are generally loathed by the population for they have spawned a new way of political organisation - one of dictatorship and cruel suppression of the common folk.

Under a new ruler, who is mysterious as he is unknown, 'Sorceresses' arose, loyal to his will.

They are the ones who can use this abysmal power to opress the common folk - and 'Querama' is the cruelest among them all...

The Invaders of Yith yearn for this power, tried over millenia to locate these deities themselves... Once they heard what happened to the glorious planet of Yith they planned right away to infiltrate...

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