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Sci-Fi Reactor Room

Sci-Fi Reactor Room

by InputName and MatthewAllman on 9 May 2021

A 3D environment design created for an assessment at JMC Academy.

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Project - Matthew Allman and Gian Baga

This project is a 3D environment. The design is a Sci-Fi Nuclear Reactor Room. Originally designed to be only the reactor room with a control room within the overall room, the project developed into something much larger, with multiple rooms and hallways linking them up. The Reactor room itself remained the core focal point of the project, and everything else was developed to support that.


Sketches - Completed by Gian Baga

Concept Art - Completed by Gian Baga

White-Box - Completed by Matthew Allman


Textures - Completed by Gian Baga

VFX - Completed by Matthew Allman

Final Scene - Completed by Matthew Allman

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