The Inventor's Chase Concept Art

The Inventor's Chase Concept Art

by Artconic and Praxy on 9 May 2021

Concept art of my, and my teammates story featuring a hard working inventor and their lost love, the baker.

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This trimester at my Uni I and my teammates created a self-directed pitch-project for a story made up by the three of us following the short tale of an inventor and their love, a baker. Here I have drawn up two concept arts depicting the two characters at sunset and evening. 

The Baker, in concept 2, is designed by one of my teammates, as is the reference for the tailor shop in concept 1. I also used the colour pallet of the sunset in concept 2 from one of their own concept art depicting the two character's witnessing a sunset. My own designs include, the inventor, the bakery interior, and the overall composition of the two works. 

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