The Meet Up

The Meet Up

by AdinRoberts on 7 May 2021

A short animation created for Yagan Tower in Perth Western Australia. The goal for the animation was to represent a part of the city and instill a sense of joy through the scene and by highlighting the life which the people breath into the city by filling it up.

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This is a animation project that my group worked on for uni.

My roles for the project included team lead, character concept artist and 3D character animator.

I first started by creating a template body with rough features for our character. From there I did a first draft with cargo pants and a rain coat as we wanted to include rain in our project. However our ideas for the project and how to best address our goals changed what we needed our character to represent. As a result I researched tradesman work wear for construction, looking at different high visibility shirts, polos and jackets to best fit our character's relaxed look. After my group and lecturers were happy with the character design I passed off the file to Sam who modeled the character.

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