Does She smile to hide her sorrow or her desire?

Does She smile to hide her sorrow or her desire?

Tu Jia Horng
by ARISFITOLA on 6 May 2021

I made this model using Blender and Quixel Mixer. I have been ignoring this 3D model I made 2 months ago since I had a hard time texturing it but damn Quixel Mixer just made it some much easier and it made the model sooo much better ^^.

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Edited using Photoshop

Front View

Left View

Right View

Back View

~Left Behind~

I was 16 years old at that time it happened. Visiting my grandparent's villa every summer break back then was a time I was always waiting for throughout the school year. They had a huge garden filled with apple trees that they harvest every year and the big space of land is not something I can run around here in the city. Being able to explore and take sticks as I pretend to be a hunter looking for a beast to slay was a blast in the past, yet despite that, there was always this ominous feeling of being watch or see something in my peripheral vision especially as I get near the gate surrounding the villa which block of the path that leads to a big forest. The idea of going to the forest never when through my mind until that one day I saw a girl standing in the doorway to the forest. She was beautiful, looks around my age, and her smile was captivating. I wanted to go to her and introduced myself but going over the gate was off-limits and I didn't want to break the rules so I just stand there and wave at her. I was expecting her to just ignore me but she waves back with an excited smile and vibe that made my day. From then on we have our secret meeting from a distance. She never seems to want to get near the gate and I assume it was the fear of trespassing so we start exchanging letters by throwing paper airplanes at each other. That's how we started to get to know each other. Her name was Kifo which is an odd name yet I wasn't the type who judges people just by her name but eventually, I understand why that was her name. The meeting lasted for 2 weeks which meant that in less than a day I'll have to leave this place and go back to the city. Knowing that I ask if we could meet up in the middle of the path and spend our remaining time side by side before I leave and she asks me to meet her in the middle of the path and watching the stars with her. That night I wore my white jacket and silently ran to the path and when through the gate blocking the in-between. That's when I met her face to face, her white skin and glistening black hair and her warm smile. For the first time, I was able to hear her voice as she called my name. For the last moments, before we depart and separate, we shared a kiss that was filled with passion and desire for each other, but as she started to undress, I heard a loud crack and blood start to gush out from her back and something disgusting and horrifying start to come out. Her hands multiplied and he eyes started to glow red. Her smile turned twisted and the once warm aura around her turned cold. As she looked at me with that twisted grin, she cried blood and said "Please Don't leave me". My one's white jacket turned red and as I ran and ran and ran, I could hear her screaming my name and it sounded agonizing yet I couldn't look back.

I was back, drench in blood, I throw away my clothes and bury them under the wet cold ground. I took a bath and sobbed. The next morning it was as if nothing happened, no questions were asked and we had back to the city.

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