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Low Wei Ping
by lowweiping on 6 May 2021

a food waste repurposing centre

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refoodlution: a food waste repurposing centre

+ circle of life +

+ central. four automatically retractable sky window to achieve natural ventilation and sunlight penetration. visitors are allowed to pluck fruit from fruitful citrus tree, watered by pond water, using aquaponic system +

+ reception +

+ a place for registration and brouchure distribution. clear glass backdrop was proposed to allowed visitors see through the central area from first sight +

+ restaurant +

+ serving all kind of organic dishes, portion customizable, to reduce food waste occurs. composer machine was placed, for diners to practice food waste +

+ organic market +

+ selling all kind of organic ingredients in bulk buying system, to avoid food wastage in the first step - purchasing +

+ exhibition 1 : beauty of food +

+ to let visitors appreciate how beauty of food is by sight, taste, touch and smell +

+ exhibition 2 : food waste +

+ artificial food waste was placed inside transparent acrylic boxes and stack it up high, to duplicate the landfill in real world without assimilation of odours +

+ exhibition 4 : food crisis +

+ a space that use floor and wall projection to showcase the global food crisis problem, to let visitors immerse with the problems +

+ exhibition 5 : global warming  +

+ a warm room, to let visitors immerse in the ambience of global warming. water-like epoxy coated flooring to indicate sea level rising. mirror hanging on ceiling to let visitors immerse in the ambience +

+ exhibition 7 : biotechnology +

+ a glass showcasing insect decomposting food waste. ventilation fan was proposed to ensure air quality. small workshop to have hands on planting experience by using the insect dead body as a part of composts +

+ exhibition 8 : composer +

+ hands on trying food waste seperation and food waste composer operation. to let visitors start practicing food waste repurposing +

+ isometric view +

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