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Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun

John Dempsey
by harbourscape on 3 May 2021

A project to model and texture my son's Nerf gun as a high quality game asset and follow the process all the way into Unity. The final model is approx 12.5k triangles and all UVs are packed to a single 4k 8-bit texture set. This has been a huge amount of work but I have learnt so much from the process.

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High poly modelled and sculpted in Blender 2.92 using various add-ons such as MeshMachine, HardOps and BoxCutter. Various screws and dimples were created as floaters on the high poly.

Low poly created in Blender using Retopoflow for some of the trickier parts.

Low poly UVs unwrapped, grouped and packed systematically with UV Packmaster taking care to ensure that any important pieces got more texture space.

High and Low Poly models exported to Toolbag 3 where Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps were baked in 4k.

Used Adobe Illustrator used to create various alpha masks for use in Painter/Designer.

Normal stamps created in Substance Designer from the alpha masks.

Textured in Substance Painter using all created maps and image files.

Imported full set of textures back to Toolbag 3 for renders, turntable and player.

Created a Unity project and imported the low poly model and textures. Set up the gun model and a simple reflective ground plane, lighting, material, realtime reflection probe and created a simple C# script to rotate the gun. Below is  a rough screen capture of the unity player running.



Take the model for a spin!

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