Draped in White Sheet to hide her Sorrow
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Draped in White Sheet to hide her Sorrow

Tu Jia Horng
by ARISFITOLA on 1 May 2021

Hellow >.< This 3d model that I made is a part of an environmental design project I'm currently making using Unreal Engine 4 and Quixel.

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Update - 1 May 2021

This is the final Render which has gone through post-processing in PhotoShop 

Front View

Back View

Left View

Right View

~The Origin of The Lady Draped in White~

Mara Weisse was known for her beauty and snow-white skin. Working as a maid in the Duke's household, her alluring appearance bewitched every guest who was visiting and even the duke himself can't help but gaze upon her beauty. The jealous Duchess was furious at the sight of her husband getting pulled into the hands of a mere maid. Day after day Mara was abused and ridiculed by the hands of the Duchess and only the Duke offered comfort and happiness to the crying maid. One night the knots were tied and the Duchess found the maid lying next to the Duke sleeping as if they were a married couple. She drags her by the hair and thrown her out of the mansion and ordered the guards to drape her in the defile white sheet that she slept on and beat her till she drops dead. She endured hours upon hours of beating as she was unable to see nor even breathe as the white sheet covered her entire body. Blood spilled and screams can be heard across the dense forest surrounding the mansion. Then silents engulf the area as the screaming stop and the sky fades to dark. The guard asks the duchess what do they do to the body and she simply reply to throw the body into the gaping gate in the middle of the forest. As her body slowly falls into the deep black hole, she shouts the name of the Duke one last time before she descends deeper into the unknown depths that lie beneath this gaping hole of darkness.

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