TM-3-12 | 1930s Soviet Railway Gun

TM-3-12 | 1930s Soviet Railway Gun

Daniel García Martínez
by danielgarciam3d on 30 Apr 2021

Game ready Railway Gun prop. Modeled and mapped in 3Ds Max, textured with Substance Painter/Alchemist & Photoshop and rendered on Marmoset. Baked in 3Ds Max as well as in Painter. The whole process took around 90h from start to finish. · 91.752 Tris · 4K Textures: Base Color, AO, Normal & Roughness maps

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Texturing Breakdown

Although this was quite a large prop I had to work with the limitation of only using 3 ID Materials for the whole texturing process. I tried to optimize with symmetry and good packing as much as I could. The result was quite good even when looked up close from an FPS perspective

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