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Goat/Lion Demon Rig

Goat/Lion Demon Rig

Abenthy Lillieström
by abenthy on 27 Apr 2021

I started working on this rig a while back, and finished it as part of a 3 week course at Futuregames. for more in depth info, check out my portfolio!

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Created this character for a character modelling course, with the intention of eventually rigging it. Used it for a bunch of different experiments and eventually finshed the rig as part of a 3 week course at Futuregames. As part of the course I frequently communicated with animators, which really helped me see the rig through their eyes and make it as animator-friendly as possible. I had so much fun with this and learned so much!

Check it out on my portfolio website for more in depth info on the rig and character!

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