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A bug in my fruit

A bug in my fruit

Paula Reboleiro
by paulareb on 19 Apr 2021

I designed a space years ago that has been in my mind ever since. This is a short story I created to show it so I can feel know how the space is, how its atmosphere make me feel. Isn't it amazing to be able to walk through what your imagination has created?

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A bug in my fruit

This project started years ago when I was taking a Master's degree in Interior Design. It was there where Lapera was born. A couple of colleagues and I designed it and it has been since then that I've wanted to see this space come to life.

This was my starting point, the 2D layouts I had designed years ago. So, the first step were clear: look for some inspiration to decide how the interior atmospheres must be, model everything and start to feel the space through a very primitive blocking in Unreal Engine.

The real challenge here was the modeling of the wooden staircase, the main asset in the scene. The geometry it's pretty complex and the steps must end exactly where the different panels begin to avoid lighting and optimization problems later on.

The next challenge was the lighting. The space just had two natural light entries that didn't meet the lighting needs so the main illumination source had to be artificial light. I didn't use RTX so I had to work really hard on the light baking. The balance had to be perfect, creating a different atmosphere inside the staircase where the light had to be softer and more dramatic.

The light evolved with the project and I had to work on it until the same last day, but I think the result was worth it. 

With a solid lighting base the texturing work started. But it wasn't until all the assets were put in place when the space came to life.

Lapera is in fact a food store so all the displays had to be full of products but I had to avoid visual repetition at the same time. I wanted to use real products so I searched among hundreds of packaging designs for those that spoke the same language as the space. After this research work I modeled and textured the assets. 

I wanted to show Lapera's space in a different way. So I invented a story in which a small and original tour guide travels through the space in search of his most precious treasure.

It was hard to get the camera to move like a bug. I spent days working on movement and rotation curves to make it work. But I have to admit it was really fun too!



If you are in the mood to walk through Lapera for yourself just download the app (for Windows) with the link below and double click on the "lapera.exe" file. Sneek a peak inside!

Download Lapera APP

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