Apostolos Gkantinas
by paulgkantinas on 18 Apr 2021

I created this image of two stylised snails and the environment that they actually live in. 
My focus was to sculpt the strawberry plant with the small creatures in Zbrush and based my environment in Unreal Engine on this. 
I decided To add the house during the final renders.

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I had the idea of this image  in my mind as an illustration and as a way to explore and learn more about real time rendering in Unreal Engine 4 . I sculpted the main plant and characters and I used megascans for populating my environment .In this project I didn't spent time creating UVs in  a such a complex shapes as my initial idea it was to finalise with interesting colourful illustrations and renders. I used ZBrush for sculpting process Zremesher + UV master . Next I used Substance Painter for the textures and finally Unreal Engine 4 for putting everything together and lighting and render my scene . last but not least is about the house that I painted in Photoshop as a challenge to me to fit something hand paint in 3D environment . I hope you guys like it .

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