Lake Village

Lake Village

Allan Gelman
by allangelman on 17 Apr 2021

This city environment is based on a concept art made by JC Jongwon Park.

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I wanted to model a city environment, so I was very excited when I found JC Jongwon Park's Lake Village concept art! It looked so magical, and I loved the hot air balloons in the distance.

For this project, I started out by working on a procedural city population tool. I modeled variations of houses and imported them into Houdini to use the tool, and then imported everything back into Maya. I then modeled the rest of the scene in Maya.

Modeled in Maya and Houdini. Foliage in Paint Effects. Rendered in Arnold.

I made a tool in Houdini that procedurally populates a city in collaboration with Danny Gelman. I was specifically responsible for optimizing the speed of the tool and for implementing functionality for houses to not intersect. 

The user can adjust the density of the houses, random rotation, overall scale, random scale, and the bounds for the scale.

Here is a wireframe process view.

This is the beautiful concept art made by JC Jongwon Park

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