Arwen Undómiel

Arwen Undómiel

Geertje Eeftink
by GeertjeEeftink on 14 Apr 2021

3D portrait in unreal engine

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I have worked on this project for a while now, but I have reached the point I want to showcase it. I wanted to challenge myself to go through the process of creating a photo realistic portrait in unreal. I have learned an immense amount from this process. This was my first time using Xgen, Texture XYZ, and Mari.

During this project I had amazing feedback from Vlad Cenusa, Thank you so much for that!


Hair shader tutorial by: Nick Rutlinh

Skin shader by: Saurabh Jethani

Eye mesh and shader from Meet Mike Unreal showcase

Velvet Substance Smart material by: Loic Anquetil

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