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Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Daria Volochai
by dariavolochai on 14 Apr 2021

School project at ESMA aimed at improving texturing and modeling skills following real-life references

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Coffee grinder project.

 The task was to model a coffee grinder, and then try to impose textures on it as realistically as possible.

This is how my final composition looks like. On it, you can see the fully assembled coffee grinder and the same parts laid out around it. I should note that the model of the coffee grinder which I took was made by another student as the one that was modeled by me had too few varieties of textures (my model can be seen down below)

My goal was to try to show as realistically as possible that the grinder is in a used state. Its metal parts are rusted and oxidized, and the wood looks aged, the varnish coating on it is not smooth and the wood is burnt out from the sun

An example of textures for the metal sphere on the top of the coffee grinder

Here you can see the grinder from all sides and how the materials behave in different lighting conditions.

Here is my model of a coffee grinder, which you can also see from all angles. Unfortunately, most of its parts were made of painted metal, which did not meet the school project requirements for texture mapping.

Thank you for watching and have a good day!

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