Donut topping - Weekly Drills 051

Donut topping - Weekly Drills 051

by Rob on 12 Apr 2021

An appetizing donut to top off a gourmet hot chocolate drink ;) Made for a weekly drill mostly in Maya (some texturing on the donut in Substance Painter)

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The idea for the topping donut came from this photo that I found on google images while looking for reference, but I wanted mine to have a more classic donut  shape and a more colourful icing.
Besides that it is also smaller because I wanted to leave a bit of place for a stylish whipped cream on top of the hot chocolate (not sure if that's hot chocolate on the photo, but I went for that on my render)

Pretty happy with this project ! I learned a ton on Subsurface scattering and noise textures especially !

Some more renders under different angles

I modeled everything except for the whipped cream, which I took from a model by SugerWaltz  that I found here : "Hot Chocolate" (
I did re-sculpt it a bit to accommodate the donut, and fixed some topology errors (as well as textured it, since it untextured)
Everything is done In Maya, except for the donut itself (not the icing), which I textured in Substance Painter. 

The chocolate on top comes from a Bifrost simulation, a functionality of Maya I'm still experimenting with. Unfortunately due to lack of time I couldn't simulate it with finer resolution, and it ended up looking a bit weird x)

The face and vertex counts are pretty high, mostly because of the whipped cream and the sprinkles on the donut (and cream). So definitely not a game asset, but I wasn't aiming for that this time around.

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