Medieval market
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Medieval market

by par94 on 12 Apr 2021

Final Project: Medieval Market Square

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Update - 16 May 2021

This week I've managed to make good progress on the project, and it's starting to look like what I had in mind from the beginning.

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Update - 15 May 2021

Knight Statue:

The statue of a knight that overlooks the market square, probably a fallen hero of the city. Still haven't choosen a text for the bronze plaque.

Update - 9 May 2021

Along with the cart I've also done the basic market stand, both already textured and in Unreal Engine 4.

Update - 6 May 2021

High Poly of the cart is completed, next step: bake and texture

Update - 25 Apr 2021

This week I've been working mainly on the clock tower, along with bringing materials into the scene, to get a general feeling of how it's going to look like.

Update - 19 Apr 2021

Since the first entry I've been working on the two hero assets of my scene:

The Knight statue, and the clock tower:

I've also been rearranging the secene, and adding detail to the stands of the market:

Update - 12 Apr 2021

Hello, everyone.

My name is pablo Alonso, and this is the begining of my final project for my master:

Using Unreal Engine, I'm creating a market square, located in the center of a medieval city, based on european cities like Prague.