Character Design

Character Design

by itsfazal on 12 Apr 2021

This is the creation of Nyx! An OC for my Character Design module. Cunning and deceptive, he uses shadows to play mind games with his targets and allow him to finish the job while having a little fun. He resides in Greece, previously a utopian society that has since fallen from grace.

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Silhouette sketches - Trying to convey Nyx's personality through gesture and body language only.

The final pose was chosen and developed upon further through clothing and different arm positions. 

A small change to his body proportions as he didn't look as intimidating and quite young with the previous body type he had.

The cloak was not working, more variations only clothing were designed. Ancient Greek warriors (hoplite) were used as heavy reference along with some more recent fashion to add a more modern flair to Nyx. His clothes are tattered and broken to indicate the state of the world he is currently a part of.

Further detailing was done based on the chosen sketches (being 3, 5, and 6). Shadowy forms are added towards the bottom to emphasise the triangular shape and indicate his abilities to anyone viewing his artwork.

Nyx's first turnaround

After creating the first hero pose we were required to continue experimenting with poses and these are a few of the sketches I came up with. They are very rough and drawn quickly to see how I can capture his arrogance and playfulness best. Some of the inspirations in his stances were Zhongli and Xiao from "Genshin Impact". The chosen five poses were: 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10.

I focused on these three poses as I felt they were the most likely to become his final hero pose, with number 6 (amongst the ten poses) being chosen as the final hero pose. 

I also did some variations in his outfit, being inspired by the Greek warriors "Hoplite" and their attire. Two skins were also made, the first being "Olympian" inspired by more traditional Ancient Greek attire. The second being "Kitsune" inspired by the Japanese fox spirit by the same name, was chosen due to its playful and mischievous personality matching Nyx. Lastly, a few colour studies were done with his outfit on pose 9. The first variation is chosen as it reflected the Greek feel the best without him looking too posh and regal such as the fifth and sixth variations. 

Quick sketching of his final pose.

Further progession of hero pose, was advise to change his face from total side view to 3/4 to add more depth. 

The first variation of Nyx's hero pose. I was told that it looks good, but to add more highlights (added in the last slide). But to also rework his shadow abilities as it looks too much like tentacles rather than a form of tangible shadows. 

Nyx's four other poses coloured in very simply. 

Character Turn Around for Nyx

Final Outcome for Character Design - Nyx

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