Character Design: Personification

Character Design: Personification

by itsfazal on 12 Apr 2021

This is the creation of Nyx! An OC for my Character Design module. Cunning and deceptive, he uses shadows to play mind games with his targets and allow him to finish the job while having a little fun. He resides in Greece, previously a utopian society that has since fallen from grace.

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Silhouette sketches - Trying to convey Nyx's personality through gesture and body language only.

The final pose was chosen and developed upon further through clothing and different arm positions. 

A small change to his body proportions as he didn't look as intimidating and quite young with the previous body type he had.

The cloak was not working, more variations only clothing were designed. Ancient Greek warriors (hoplite) were used as heavy reference along with some more recent fashion to add a more modern flair to Nyx. His clothes are tattered and broken to indicate the state of the world he is currently a part of.

Further detailing was done based on the chosen sketches (being 3, 5, and 6). Shadowy forms are added towards the bottom to emphasise the triangular shape and indicate his abilities to anyone viewing his artwork.

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