Viking Village

Viking Village

Jairo Romero Martínez
by jairorm194 on 12 Apr 2021

This is my last project of my first year of animation, in which I course videogame art, at the UA School (Valencia). In this project I am going to make a Viking city more focused on the port part, I hope you like it.

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This is a town where many Vikings live, mostly fishermen, but there is a less numerous group of about 10-12 men who are dedicated to looting other towns with their wonderful boat.

At this time those who are dedicated to fishing are collecting many fish for the winter that will be shortly, however the group of men are preparing to leave for a new town and discover different foods and wealth at the same time.

First part of the "Blocking" project

In this week I have been obtaining information about a new water system for unreal 26 that is going great and is amazing, it looks super realistic and I recommend using it. Here I put some images where you can see.

On the other hand, I am starting to work with my main asset of the project, in Maya, which will be a Viking ship and here I have the beginning of the low poly.

I have continued working on the low poly of the Viking ship so that it begins to take shape and this is the result

As for unreal, I have begun to focus more on the exterior for the moment so that the limits of the forest are not noticed, incorporating the fog and the forest with the occasional rock.

Then I have been sculpting the head of the Viking ship in zbrush, to make it look as realistic as possible and now I will texture it to later combine it with the ship.

I have been working tmb in a landscape material more difficult than other simpler ones with many more nodes and later I have used it in the map. Now I will start to create textures in the mixer to replace them with the ones I have tested.

Here I present the structure of UVs that my boat will have, which would be 4 plus the udim of the fabric that would incorporate it with the unreal wind system.

And now I am starting to model in Maya, the first part of the modular houses that I am going to make, I will add complexity to each type of house and they will also be of the Viking style.

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