Medieval fantasy citadel
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Medieval fantasy citadel

Ian Siraña Calpe
by Ian on 12 Apr 2021

This is the last project for my 3D Artist master on the UA School (Valencia - Spain). On this project I have to create a 3D environment for a videogame. Any suggestions or comments are welcome, so stay tuned for my updates and enjoy it.

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Update - 9 May 2021

This week I've been modeling the headquarter of the guard and the base mesh of the water well, I have also been making the UVs of the rest of the assets that I've already modeled.

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Update - 2 May 2021

Finished the citadel walls, gates and towers modeling. This is how it looks:

Update - 28 Apr 2021

While I continue producing assets I’m placing them at the scene, this is the result:

Update - 25 Apr 2021

This is the advance of my work with the modular buildings. There are some that are in their last shape, but some need more details.

Update - 21 Apr 2021

I've been working on some building assets, starting with a unic mesh per asset. But I've changed by making a modular system to optimice the final result on the unreal project.

Update - 18 Apr 2021

I have extended the blocking of the scene, now there are three type of assets: the blue ones (imported assets), the white assets (main and secondary assets created by hand) and the yellow ones (hero assets). I have also defined better the background of the environment and sculpted the terrain where the citadel is.

Update - 12 Apr 2021

This project is part of the escenario from a medieval fantasy open world game. It’s based on the Elder Scrolls saga and the atmosphere of For Honor, with a very similar type of graphics and details.

The scenario is the entrance of a fortified city and its main square. There are some important places for the city inside of it, like the city guard headquarters, the market, the blacksmith store and the butcher store. From the entrance of the city, the main street goes crossing some houses until the main square, which is dominated by the guard headquarters. From this place two streets are born, the left one continues until a fortified gate where the path to the castle starts, the castle is on the top of the city and the right street goes through the rest of the lower city.

The city architecture is based on the romanesque style, with some touches of fantasy, exaggeration and verticality. The walls, the towers and the guard headquarters are made with stone, but the houses are made with more materials (wood, stone, plaster, clay roof tiles...), the streets are cobbled and the city takes advantage from the mountain rock walls to grow around them.

The setting is for a day with little movement and life. It’s cloudy, the city gates are closed and the market stalls are empty. The few activity that goes on the city is happening in the blacksmith store, the forge is on and the blacksmith is forging something.

Here are the first images of the project, these correspond to the blocking: