Sushi Donut

Sushi Donut

Gabrielle Pehlivanides
by gabriellepehlivanides on 11 Apr 2021

A sushi donut for the weekly drill. Made and rendered in Zbrush, Particles in Blender, and composited in Photoshop

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I started this weekly drill by researching loaded and character donuts. This is when I discovered sushi donuts and decided to base the project on them.

To create the rice I started off by creating alphas of images, but it did not give enough detail that I needed. I then tried to use Blender's particle system to scatter the rice grain. I created multiple seeds in order to not overwhelm Zbrush when subdividing. 

The rice in my first test was too small, and in the next, it was too long. On the third try, I was able to create a more accurate representation of sushi rice. 

For the final presentation, I wanted to reflect the same details the references had. I was able to achieve the look I was aiming for of 4-6 donuts with a top perspective and a concrete table.

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