Blacksmith's House
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Blacksmith's House

Rome Martin
by selch on 9 Apr 2021

Blacksmith's House is a concept from Natalia Asanova. I am excited to test my skills and recreate this into 3D!

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Update - 25 Apr 2021

Huge progress this week! I've been learning some lighting techniques to capture the overall mood of the scene. Will probably go back and forth on this one :)

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Update - 18 Apr 2021

Been a while since I posted (busy with IRL stuff lol) but here's a small update. Working on the unique pieces of the scene.

Update - 9 Apr 2021

So far, I made a trim sheet for some of the assets that I think are going to be repeated multiple times. This is what I came up with.

I have little knowledge in Substance Designer so I decided to create the high poly trims in ZBrush.

The blockout. Gathered some feedback so I could nail the overall composition as I wasn't getting it right the first time. Did a quick lighting blockout too to capture that sunny and cozy feeling.

I was searching for a concept of an environment when I stumbled upon this beautiful concept art by Natalia Asanova. I was immediately drawn to it and proceeded to ask her permission if I can recreate this beautiful concept into 3D. She agreed and thus, I'm excited to start on this project! :)

This is my first post here in The Rookies and I'm loving it so far! If you guys are interested to see my works, here's my ArtStation link. Cheers!