2nd year compositing / Some of my work

2nd year compositing / Some of my work

Camille Lecour
by swipzette on 7 Apr 2021

Here are some exercises I did during my second year at ESMA for the compositing course.

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Another space.

In this compositing exercise the teacher gave us some renders and their AOVs and we had to use them for compositing purposes. We had to chose the right time in the render to create our composition then work on the grading of each element, create a background, a lens flare, lens distortion, and pretty much any other compositing effect that would make the image more appealing.


In this exercise we discovered the 3D part of Nuke. We had to create and animate a glyph, and I decided to extend a bit the exercise by putting the glyph on a footage I did with my boyfriend, turning him into Doctor Strange (he loved it). This part was done really fast and not polished at all, but still turned good for a test. The particles were not part of the exercise, so I stidued them on my own (that's why they are not very fancy).

Roto exercise.

In that first exercise of the year we discovered Nuke and the most important nodes. We had to redo a movement with animated shapes done with rotos and rotopaints giving the video a stylised aspect.

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