1st year / Lighting exercises

1st year / Lighting exercises

Camille Lecour
by swipzette on 7 Apr 2021

Here are some exercises I did during my first year at ESMA.

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1st year / Final year image.

This was our final project of the year, the one that would decide if we were able to continue our studies at ESMA. Obviously I managed it, otherwise I wouldn't be posting 2nd year projects over here ! The subject of that year was the child room.

We had to do the modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering of our image, then do compositing to improve it. Along with that, we wrote a little story to give more depth to our image, make it as if it was a shot of a movie. 

Initially we were supposed to do 2 images, but due to the global pandemic, the school decided it would be too much work and we ended up with 1.

*spoilers* I will tell you about the story I created for this image, if you don't want it to interfere with your own interpetation of it, do not read further.  For the child room subject, we had to find something defining the child, something he would love more than anything else, give him personality through his room. My child is an 8 years old boy who's keen on sciences and learning and who would want to become an explorer to see all the animals in the world. He bonds a lot with his granmother who's keeping him on wednesdays afternoons while his parents are working. She notices her grandson is a shy child and she came up in his world with toys. Her toys from when she was also a child. Some old metallic figures, hand painted, representing Alice in wonderland characters (we were supposed to see those toys in the first image). The child and his grandmother spent plenty of time together, playing and creating imaginary worlds, leading to the sweetest memories for the child. But every good thing has an end, and since nothing can stop time, the grandmother died one day. The image represents the mind of the child a few time after the loss (could be hours, days or weeks ?). That's why it is so white and desaturated, but I didn't want the audience to feel that the child is dead, that's why I added this warm light on the desk. 

1st year / Coffee grinder.

In this exercise we discovered texturing after spending the begening of the year doing procedural textures. The school provided us references of a coffee grinder and clear images of it for us to create textures and shaders for it. We then had to model, texture, shade, light and render this coffee grinder as realisticly as possible. No compositing here, those are the raw render out of Renderman.

1st year / Still life.

This exercise was a preparation for the final year image. We had to model, light, shade and render a still life of the subject we wanted then do compositing over the image. I decided to dive a bit into oriental culture.

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