Mardini 2021 Challenge

Mardini 2021 Challenge

Hans Palacios
by hanspalacios on 6 Apr 2021

These are all 31 entries for the daily SideFX Mardini 2021 challenge, with 1 themed entry for each day in the month of March. All content generated and rendered myself using Houdini and Redshift, including modelling, rigging, animation, materials, effects, and compositing.

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In addition to the time constraint of only a few hours each day outside of work and classes, I challenged myself to use a little burro I created to develop each day's themed project. So while each day's theme is unique, I aimed to be consistent in the main character and environment to explore some creative solutions for the given themes.

Regardless of the outcome from the overall competition, I managed to get a few daily recognition awards, which were really motivating for me to continue throughout the entire month. More than anything though, this was a great experience for me to work within some constraints and have fun exploring creative solutions.


Week 1 Theme: Motion

Daily Themes: Bounce, Grow, Leap, Escape, Crash & Flow

Week 2 Theme: Nature

Daily Themes: Stone, Mud, Beach, River, Wave, Valley, Grass

Week 3 Theme: Worlds

Daily Themes: Ancient, Medieval, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Rural, Hidden

Week 4 Theme: Creatures

Daily Themes: Run, Crawl, Sleep, Eat, Buzz, Perch, Burrow

Week 5 Theme: Elements

Daily Themes: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

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