Weekly Drill 050 - Fortnite Back Bling

Weekly Drill 050 - Fortnite Back Bling

Ty Candler
by tycandler on 5 Apr 2021

The drill assignment was to create a back bling for one of the 45 official characters in the Fortnite universe. Inspired by the war banners of Roman (and Mojave) legions, I created this back bling for Potassius Peels. Ave, true to potassium.

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(left); full final prop. (right); top piece and banana tassels enlarged to show detail.

When I saw Potassius Peels, I knew that he was the character I wanted to work off of. Fallout: New Vegas is a longtime favorite of mine and this is the closest I'll ever come to being commissioned to make a Caesar's Legion prop, we take what we can get. I love flags and knew right away that I wanted to create a war banner befitting our potassium Caesar. It was a really fun challenge to try and make the Roman military's geometric sensibilities and design aesthetics fit those of the Fortnite universe.


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