Jars With Animated Liquid

Jars With Animated Liquid

by OliviaBachmeier on 5 Apr 2021

I made glass jars that contains some animated liquid.

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I made some glass jars that contains an animated liquid material. I sculpted the models in Maya. Then I combined the jar and the lid together and brought it into Substance Painter. I textured the lid successfully, but I ran into problems with texturing the glass. So, I brought the model into UE4 and textured the glass by manipulating the material nodes. It was pretty difficult to get it to look decently natural. I ended up applying a bumpy normal map to give it a more interesting and natural texture. Then, I brought in the model for the liquid material. I used a panner material and adjusted the world position offset to get a simple moving liquid effect. Then, I dropped in some point lights to make it seem like the material is giving off light. I plan on adding some blueprint models and maybe a map of a dig site to make it seem like someone discovered a new material while doing construction work. 

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