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"My dream house"

"My dream house"

Alexandre Perrière
by AlexandrePerriere on 4 Apr 2021

Illsutration I did a french art contest on (I finished at the third place !!!) where the subject was "What's your dream house" so here's mine ! Hope you like it

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"My dream house"

That was the subject of a french art contest on (I finished at the third place !!!!), so here is my submission, a hole in the clouds where I could sing (off key) with the birds .

I wanted the viewer to feel relaxed by watching this image with a cottage paceful, soft, and slight feeling. So I took a lot of tiny home in the nature like the hobbits holes, or birds houses, and that wood to warm the image. The challenging part was to find the good balance between wood and clouds : too many cloud give a empty sensation and too much wood give a heavy sensation, but I think I kind of find the right mix. Then I just needed to find a good angle and it was it ! I structured my layer really carefully with one for the light, one for the ambiant occlusion and then after some color adjustment here we are, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading !

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