Joyride-489 (Fortnite Back Bling - Rookies Weekly Drills #50

Joyride-489 (Fortnite Back Bling - Rookies Weekly Drills #50

Hannah Levi
by Tradit on 3 Apr 2021

This is the Joyride-489 and it is my entry for the Rookies #50 Weekly Drill Challenge!

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Eyo folks!

This is my submission is for the Rookies Weekly Drills #50, which is for the Fortnite Back Bling Challenge!

These are the original concepts of the Joyride-489! It originally had an AI attached to the front of the model, but it later got scrapped due to the rapid changes of the design. Even so, I still love the final design and I will happily come back and revisit it in the future!

Here are the final renders of Joyride-489! Below are samplings of the texture sheet that I worked with!

As seen above and below the jetpack went through a lot of changes. I came to the sudden realization when I modeled the jetpack for the first time that it was definitely not aerodynamic which was a big no-no. Changes were made and then it became Joyride-489!

Decided to put it up against a Fortnite Model made by Goldermor found on Sketchfab! 

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