Shark Bombshell

Shark Bombshell

sean spek
by GurthyPizza on 3 Apr 2021

This is a Shark Bombshell i made for the fortnite backbling weekly drill #50, and the process i went through to create it.

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This is my submission for the rookies weekly drills #50 for the fortnite back bling.

I started my original concept as a Bombshell, with not much thought put into it at the time. My big, mediums and smalls were all over the place as a friend had pointed out. 

Above is the original concept I had made before modelling and texturing.

the blockout above I created wasnt what i was after, then when I took it into zbrush I realised i could just do it all in there, so I did just that, the sculpt ended a bit differently to the concept but I was happy with it so I took it into maya to retopo.

At the top we have my finished high polly, and underneath is a wireframe of my lowpolly retopo.

After Taking these into substance painter and baking them, I had realised that the hexagons I planned to have textured would be a bit tedius and wouldnt look very nice, so after looking for some different ideas a couple friends sent me some images of jets/planes with shark faces on them, and I thought they looked pretty awesome and that it would probably fit the style better. and so after a few days of texturing I got something that I was fairly happy with.

Above is a quick render of it inside of substance painter, originally the red in the mouth was a gold, but after a friend pointed out that its greyscale is off and suggested maybe changing it, I decided a red might be a better color, mainly because it fits what a mouth looks like.

Underneath this are my final Renders that I am very happy with, played around with lighting alot and took a few renders, these are the ones im happy with. Then finally I had taken them into photoshop to put them together in one nice image.

Underneath this are the Materiel previews.

The character in the renders was something I found on Sketchfab to help with scale and presentation, Thankyou Goldermor

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