Patches-(Weekly Drills 050 - #FortniteBackBling)
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Patches-(Weekly Drills 050 - #FortniteBackBling)

Jordan Moodaliar
by jordanmoodaliar on 2 Apr 2021

Hey everyone! So I came across the #RookiesWeeklyDrills and #FortniteBackBling challenge and I was so excited since I am a Fortnite fan and player and that the judges are from Epic Games!! This gave me the perfect opportunity to show off my skills, learn and to create a cool backbling concept for an amazing game.

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Update - 2 Apr 2021

Meet Patches! Your friendly Backpack Monkey!! 
"Carry him to Victory!!"

Here is the skin that I designed the backbling for below,

Here are some real-time renders,

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