Victorian Inspired Environment

Victorian Inspired Environment

Fiona Jenkins Pons
by fionajp on 31 Mar 2021

My most recent project, an interior environment in a Victorian-esque style.

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Hi! Thank you for checking out my environment piece! It's based off of a class by the amazing Emiel Sleegers ( I learnt so many new things and skills to put away in my artist toolbox for future projects! I had a lot of fun with this project, particularly the material creation and lighting the scene in Unreal. 

Please feel free to leave feedback, I'd be more than happy to hear it as it helps me improve with each new project!

I wanted to try a colder colour scheme as well, as teals and dark greens were also colours used in the Victorian era. It's always exciting to see how much the feel of a scene can change when using different lighting and colours.

Here are a few side by side renders with the different colour schemes.

The tileable materials used in the scene:

Wood Floor


Painted Wood for the window frames


Fabric -  tinted in UE4 and used as a base for the carpets with an added unique texture done in Photoshop

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