Continuing to Make an Environment

Continuing to Make an Environment

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 29 Mar 2021

An assignment done for ART 218 at Miami University in Oxford.

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I did this assignment for ART 218 at Miami University in Oxford. This week, our goal was to continue developing our levels, while also adding some extra polish in some areas. Specifically, I added in mountain objects around the level area, and beyond that put in a panorama of a landscape (both can seen in the above images, but my level's atmospheric fog blends them into the backdrop pretty well). Overall, I did run into much trouble putting them into Unreal, but because I felt the textures for them were rather bright, I had to learn how to desaturate textures in Unreal to make them blend into everything better. Also, I was just a bit annoyed how had cool Red Rock panoramas while none of them had transparent skies. Besides all of that, I made a few other objects that are displayed in the above images, which include a stone pillar, large, square, stone ceiling tiles, and giant stone doors. Having gotten used to how I've been making my rock objects, I didn't run into much trouble, despite making them all took a fair bit of time.

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