Snake Yokai

Snake Yokai

Annik Cherton
by annikcherton on 28 Mar 2021

This was my final project for the Foundations term at Think Tank Online. The goal was to recreate a chosen 2D concept as a 3D still image. I've always liked mythological and supernatural creatures, which led me to choose this concept art created by "Nitro .":

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A comparison of my final image (screen left) and the concept art referenced (screen right). 

The final image illustrating my 3D interpretation of Nitro's 2D concept art. 

A process view of some test renders from the initial blockout to the final image. The second last image is the original render before the final Photoshop edits, which were lighting adjustments to bring the image closer to the original concept art and the addition of a mild background blur. 

During the process of making final tweaks in photoshop, I desaturated the image to check my values compared to the concept art (which I had also desaturated for an accurate comparison) since it's easier to do so without the distraction of colors. I decided to included this version with only her eyes being colored because I like how it looks, it reminds me of an old creepy painting in a haunted house!

Creating this still image in 3D was definitely a great challenge and I learned a lot along the way. I look forward to applying all this new knowledge to my next projects to make them stronger. Special thanks to my family, friends and supervisors for their support throughout this project!

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