Tree Frog- On Going

Tree Frog- On Going

Zahra Abbas
by mattfisher and zfabbas on 27 Mar 2021

A collaborated personal project between myself and Matthew Fisher. A very short film of a tree frog in a tree, we want to get a documentary clip vibe. I have been responsible for the Tree Frog model, surfacing, blendshapes, animation and CFX Matt has taken on the environemt,camera work, texture and lighting

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Our first full W.I.P render just to see where we're at and what needs tweaking. It's always helpful to see a full render so you can knit pick and polish. We've got a rain sim in the works, hopefully that will be added to the next WIP.

Our first test render, just testing out the rig and blendshapes with some simple animations.

Testing colours and comp templates and adding moss.

This is the final 3D model of our Tree Frog who we've code named "Freddo"

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