Hammerlord Mod: Statue of Morr
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Hammerlord Mod: Statue of Morr

by mwoods94 on 25 Mar 2021

A asset for the mod, Hammerlord. This is a mod for the game Mount and Blade, I'm working with other artists to recreate the Warhammer universe inside of this game engine. Currently just working on an asset at a time to build my portfolio up with complete assets. Feel free to chip in with any feedback :)

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Update - 25 Mar 2021

HammerLord - Mount and Blade 2 Mod - Statue of Morr

This is  the first project I've been working on for the mod 'Hammerlord' for the game Mount and Blade 2, which is a game set within the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The asset I am working on is the Statue of Morr, originally a warhammer scenic model.

I decided to change some things about it, I wanted the statue to look more dynamic, so when sculpting the basic shapes I decided to give the cloak a flowing wind effect, giving some motion to an otherwise static pose.

The skull I used was a low poly of one of the mod's Skeleton meshes, then sculpted to a higher poly. However,  I wanted to create this from the ground up and so I decided to completely resculpt my own skull from reference gathered on google. Below is the reference I used for this statue, followed by the next step of the project.

The next development was to add more detail to the monument block, by using multiple tools in Zbrush such as the dam standard,  XMD toolkit rock details, trim dynamic (with square alpha) and ORB cut tools, I gave the monument damaged edges and broken areas of the stone giving us a war-torn feel to it. Not sure if I want to add damage and wear to the statue/ other details so I'm leaving them for now, but in the texturing stage they will definitely be getting grunge.

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