Mushroom Glade

Mushroom Glade

Thomas Eckstein
by ThomasEckstein on 25 Mar 2021

A mushroom covered stump in a forest glade rendered with Arnold using the ACES workflow.

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Another Demoreel project of a mushroom covered stump in a forest glade.

The assets used are a mix of Megascans and bought assets online. Lighting and LookDev was done in Maya and then rendered in the ACES Colorspace. I used Nuke for Compositing.

Video Sequence including Breakdowns:

Render Layers (the last 2 layers were consolidated into 1 because of the 5 image limit):

Breakdown of my Lighthgroups. I had 8 overall so i had to consolidate some (Look at the video above for a more detailed breakdown).

Breakdown of some of my work in compositing (Nuke ; a more detailed breakdown in the video above):

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