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Hover Car - Engine

Hover Car - Engine

by GeremiaMerzari on 25 Mar 2021

This is the first part of my final project for my 3D High poly class at DAE, Howest. The task was to make 3 pieces that then will be used as a small kitbashing kit to create and assemble something that can look like an hovering engine. I had so much fun experimenting and studying the Subd process!

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I put so much time into this work and I'm happy about how it came out. Most importantly, I've enjoyed seeing the progress and the improvements made. Looking forward to model the car!

I've enjoyed the process very much, so I decided to make two extra version of the engine!

Those are two renders that came out "wrong" from Arnold, but in the end I decided to keep them because I kind of liekd the dark mood they embrace :D

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