Wei of the Wu Shield (Cao Cao Fortnite Back Bling)

Wei of the Wu Shield (Cao Cao Fortnite Back Bling)

Tom Kimber
by tmkimber on 23 Mar 2021

Inspired by the 2018 addition of Guan Yu in Fortnite and my love for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story, I produced this concept for some new Fortnite Back Bling based on Cao Cao for the Weekly Drill!

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This is my first entry for the Weekly Drill 050 - #FortniteBackBling! The concept is based on my favourite piece of literature, which in turn has given rise to an almighty, 36 year old gaming franchise! The piece of literature is called Romance of the Three Kingdoms and was written in the 16th century by Luo Guanzhong. Guanzhong tells his own story of what happened during the mighty Han Dynasty (169 AD - 280 AD) in ancient China, some parts were factual, some parts were not so factual. In 1985 we saw the very first video game to be inspired by the story, it was also named Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Koei.

Then in 1997 they introduced a spin-off, Dynasty Warriors, which was a complete departure from the strategy games they had always developed. Instead it was a one vs one fighting game, inspired by Soulcalibur. Then the sequel came out in 2000 and well, they went from one from one extreme to another as you could now fight what felt like thousands of enemy soldiers on huge maps. Hands down the best game I ever played on the PS2 and if you also love gaming, you will probably know the rest has been history, as Dynasty Warriors went on to revolutionise the beat 'em up hack and slash crowd fighting game.

I can see why many people are gripped by the adventures and battles of Guanzhong's tale, that's why we see the characters appear in so many games including Fortnite, when in 2018 Guan Yu (perhaps the most famous and honourable character of the story) was introduced as a skin with item set.

My Back Bling is a nod to Fortnites appreciation of the characters within Romance of Three Kingdoms and my own want to develop more characters for Fortnite from the story. So finally my Back Bling, Wei (pronounced way) of the Wu Shield, is designed for Cao Cao, the leader of Wei and honoured as the Emperor Wu of Wei... More characters to hopefully follow... 

Please see below for more model shots and reference images. Please also note the background image I composited was found on the FortniteBR reddit page.

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