To Infinity and Beyond! - Fortnite Back Bling

To Infinity and Beyond! - Fortnite Back Bling

Pietro Trizzullo
by triz173 on 23 Mar 2021

First weekly drill! Trying to recreate Buzz Lightyear's Backpack as a Fortnite Skin

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What a good way to wrap the weekend up! Had so much fun making this! Hope you guys like it!

Scroll down below to see some of the progress

Hey everyone! First time joining the #RookiesWeeklyDrills and I'm super excited to do my best in this.

I love Fortnite style and I am a great fan of all its beautifully made skins. Since there already are a lot of Disney/Marvel/Star Wars related content in the game, I thought about bringing my idea of what I think would be a super cool theme to add.

I grew up with Toy Story and my life wouldn't be the same without it. I want to honor (hopefully) the great work of those artists that brought this movie to life and recreate Buzz Lightyear's winged backpack as a Fortnite Asset.  

Here's my ref board at the moment 

And my first shapes blockout in Maya! 

I'll try to be as constant as possible with the updates. It's a busy period but I really want to create this and finish strong :) Thanks for watching! See you these days 

Finished with the Low Poly and the Subd Model. I'll put together the High Poly and UVS and hopefully start texturing tonight! :D 

Mesh is 4.2k Tris and UV are Mirrored in a 2048 texture sheet. I'm also adding a decal sheet for the few stickers Buzz has on his backpack. Those Decals are going to have a 512x512 Texture sheet size :) 

I'll move onto the bake now

Bake looks fair enough! Time  for some color finally :D

I wanted to keep texture very simple to avoid steering away from the "plastic toy" feel. Simple gradients and some handpainted scratch. That's really all 

After a very thorough research on Pinterest I was able to find Buzz's sticker decals. This is a layout of the 512x512 Texture sheet base color.

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