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TV Rubin 102

TV Rubin 102

Rafael Rodriguez
by cocomonki on 17 Mar 2021

A 2020 work. Hero prop creation. Two versions, one is a brand new version, the other one is how it would look if it was abandoned. 

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This is a tv that my father had as a child. I remember of him showing me pictures, the TV was old and dusty, and I tried to see it with his eyes, the beauty of a new object that shows dreams and adventures.

Made using 3DSMax and textured on Substance Painter. I used Unreal to set up lighting and render turntable video.

While creating the brand new version my mind was flying around about how this same TV could look after tons of years and maybe an apocalyptical age, but still functional ! Like imagining two states of the same object.

Anyway, it was really fun to create two variations.


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