Pirate Chest for a Weekly drill

Pirate Chest for a Weekly drill

by Rob on 14 Mar 2021

A pirate chest I made for the treasure chest weekly drill ! What could it contain ? Surely it's dangerous ;) I tried replicating the concept from Maeve B. that you can find here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0xDVe

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Some more renders with a slightly stronger top light (that changes it quite a bit) and a close-up shot so you can appreciate the painterly texture. 

Any tips on that are appreciated ! 

Quick update because I really wanted to correct a few problems : it's too late for the weekly drill, but I took a day to rebake it properly, and redo/enhance some of the textures. 

I also added a bit of geometry to help the curvature of the chest and upped the resolution of the textures from 2K to 4K for a much crisper result. 

And I played quite a bit with lighting in Maya (I'm rendering with Arnold). I'm still learning that, I appreciate any comments to help me improve ;)  

Not perfect by any means, but it was fun trying to replicate that painterly style in Substance Painter !

I started the drill a bit late so I didn't quite have time to make the concept justice in time... It turned out ok for a first try at stylised texuring in Substance, but I haven't had the time to fix the baking problems, and the brass texture leaves a bit to be desired I think (as well as the seaweeds which don't have a texture at all, and the gem on the octopus).

It was good practice though ! This is the first weekly drill I participate to, it was fun, I'll try to make it a habit !

A screenshot of maya for the wireframe : this is the low poly model on which I baked my sculpt from Zbrush (Only the seaweeds and the planks for the ground are missing there, because I added them afterwards).

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