Tech Outpost in the woods
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Tech Outpost in the woods

by Sweenee on 14 Mar 2021

This is a remote outpost run by a large tech and science company. I intend for it to hide some secrets as I continue to develop it.

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Update - 30 Apr 2021

Here are the final screenshots and cinematic for the tech outpost. This project has been a great experience in learning how to use Unreal engine to make a 3D environment. I had a lot of fun making my own assets, like the computers and the sci-fi glowing tubes. For the sound design of the cinematic, I enjoyed adding sounds that I have been collecting from old computers and arcade cabinets. I used Ableton to make the song that kicks in near the end of the cinematic. I am very pleased with how the contrast between nature and sci-fi turned out in this piece and I think it added to the sense of mystery I wanted to convey. I hope you enjoy.

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Update - 29 Mar 2021

This week I added another building to my outpost encampment and a pond nearby. I also added a mountain background. Learning the simple steam effect for the pond in Unreal's particle system was fun. I will definitely be expanding on my new knowledge in the future. Making extra textures for the trim so the exposed pieces would look like one material, adding doors, and adding more room decorations are some areas I wish I could have gotten to before this week's deadline. I will make a point to work on these before the next deadline.

Update - 14 Mar 2021

Here is an outpost of sorts run by a tech and science company. This was my first time creating a landscape in unreal, so I had to overcome a lot of challenges. I had to make several compromises to ensure my computer could handle baking the lighting. I had to drastically reduce to amount of foliage and even remove some foliage types from the scene. When importing my assets to the unreal project, I discovered that the frame on the window asset was transparent. I believe it is because I originally put the frame and the glass on the same material. To fix this, I fixed the UVs, made a separate glass material, and repainted it in substance. It was tedious, but I am glad I went though it as I found some faces that had messy UVs and normals. Now I can also change the color of the glass. I am really impressed by how this turned out and am looking forward to developing it more soon.