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ESMA FACADE - Noodle Street Food

ESMA FACADE - Noodle Street Food

Tao Thinque
by taothinque on 13 Mar 2021

Hi, it's a full project process about school project at ESMA. We had to imagine and make a facade of a building of our choice, I chose to make a street food noodle. I learned a lot on this project in terms of organisation and technically on the software.

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Hi everybody ! 

I will show you my entire creation process during this project. It is a project carried out during my school  studies during my second year at Esma Lyon. This project has taught me a lot throughout these weeks.  

I had to create the facade of a building of my choice in a realistic way.              

I took care of all aspects, concept art, modeling, uv editing, texturing, shading, vfx and compositing.

To start, I created a moodboard to have the maximum amount of reference throughout my project, with lot of references of asian culture, cyberpunk univer, science fiction and videos games.

After that I imagined a concept,  I chose to make the front of a cyberpunk noodle street food.

I therefore draw a line art, a day and night version of the project

I modelled everything in Maya. Hardsurface is really a part I love about the project.

To make the garbage bags I used Marvelous Designer to create them in simulation and after I scuplt the details in Zbrush.

Some wireframe and occlusion renderings

After modelling everything I created the Uvs, which for me is the part I like least..

For shadind/texturing part I used Photoshop and Substance Designer. First project where I use Substance and it's amazing how easy it is to create textures, thanks @allegorithmic ! Here some renderings of props created in S. P. 

I used Quixel for textures, imperfections etc..

My renderings are done with Renderman.

I created a fog with a PxrVolume. I also did some smoke simulation to add rhythm and atmosphere to the image. I also made smoke coming out of the building's air vents.

Then I placed my different lights and launched my rendering.

Images : 4K 

Hope you enjoy my project !

Follow me on Artstation, Instagram and Tweeter for more project soon ;)

Bye bye !!

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