Ship Simulator Realistic
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Ship Simulator Realistic

Gregory Nikolaidis
by KristiMousai, aleksandrospp, and nitroman123 on 13 Mar 2021

Ship Simulator Realistic is a game based on realistic physics , sounds and features. The game will be based in Greek Scenery and it has many unique features. Where you can play :

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Update - 1 Jun 2021

Horizon ship is Added and updated esthetics 

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Update - 29 Mar 2021

New ship is added to the game a Fletcher Class Destroyer !!!

Update - 20 Mar 2021

This update is about some limitations of the game and this starts from the point that the extreme stretch of the mooring line will lead to snap the line. Hope you like and stay tuned for more!!! Check the Video below : 

Update - 13 Mar 2021

Ship Simulator Realistic 

Ship Simulator Realistic is a developed game with Unity 3D use. The game will be based on realistic features and in a free roam aspect . Additionally, the game will be based in Greece Scenery that is still a WIP feature. For now you can explore three mains Greek islands and practice your navy skills. In conclusion, in the game there is the addition of realistic sounds from engines, the recorded exhaust aboard of a ship, the dynamic sea and the weather in the navigational experience. Where can you download :